About Us

EntreCamp is dedicated to assisting startups in entering the U.S. market. The name is a combination of "Entrepreneurship" and "Camp," symbolizing a base for entrepreneurs that guides in the vast sea of business opportunities. 

Through its unique accelerator program, the "EntreCamp Network Program," the company leverages global resources to provide comprehensive support for startups in Taiwan and the U.S. This support goes beyond financial assistance, focusing on strategic business collaborations, including global supply chain management, rapid prototype production, and the commercialization of technology transfer. The team behind EntreCamp comprises seasoned investors, venture capitalists, and professionals with extensive experience in accelerator operations.


I-Chien Jan

Bryan Huang

Yu-Jen Chang


Terry Hsiao

Daniel Chang

Ray Mercedes


Our mentor network is made up of 100+ industry experts, serial entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders committed to the success of our startups.

Mentors support startups in a multitude of ways including Selection Committee evaluations, 1:1 strategy meetings, group workshops, panel discussions and fireside chats, networking and pitching events, and opening their network for tailored introductions.

Every startup in the program is matched with a Lead Mentor, selected based on the company’s specific priorities and industry, as well as a Specialist Mentor to help them navigate!

Fritz Charles

Principal PM @ Circle | Startup Advisor | Ex-Meta

Marah Lidey

Headspace Senior Director of Product, Inclusive Tech Expert

Perry Solomon

Operating Partner at ERA, NYC's leading tech accelerator

Kay S.

Technology Launch & Go-to-Market (GTM), ESG, Sustainability, C-level Engagement, Partnerships, Strategy, Marketing, Startup Advisor

Mo Lam

Partner TDV Capital Partner 

Strategic Financial Executive

Humphrey Chen

Co-Founder & CEO of CLIPr, ex (AWS, Microsoft, Verizon, VidMob), advised Dialpad and Noom

Jessica Peltz-Zatulove

Founding Partner, Hannah Grey VC

Olga Orda

Founder and CEO at Hypemachine

Ian Brandon

Lead, Enterprise and Strategic Sales at Retool

Jeff Yellin, CFA

VP, Finance at CompStak

Neil Yeoh

Founder & CEO, OnePointFive 🌎 Climate Expert, Advisor, Investor | Oxford MBA | Yale MEM

Christina Sarelakos

Generative AI for Apparel @ Google Shopping