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EntreCamp is an accelerator focused on assisting startups in entering the U.S. market. Formed by combining "Entrepreneurship" and "Camp," it serves as an entrepreneurial hub, guiding accelerator program implementation, market development, team recruitment, technology commercialization, fundraising planning, and other advisory services. The lighthouse symbolizes the intention to serve as a guiding light for entrepreneurs in the vast ocean.

Through its unique accelerator program, the "EntreCamp Network Program," the company integrates resources from around the world to offer comprehensive support for startups in Taiwan and the U.S. This support includes not only financial assistance but also a focus on strategic and business collaborations, such as global supply chain management, rapid prototyping, and commercialization of technology transfers. A four-month internationalization training ensures that startups gain an in-depth understanding of the U.S. market and possess the necessary knowledge and fundraising capabilities.